I Invested in a Beachbody Program During a Pandemic

I think it's fair to assume COVID-19 has influenced the lives of every person on our planet. Layoffs, long hours, self-quarantines and canceled plans. It's a lot to adjust to, but here we are, adjusting and making new personal decisions as we navigate the crazy time we're in.

For me, the coronavirus made me lose my [not favorite anyway] part-time job, has the potential to ruin travel plans this summer and added stress to an already stressful time maneuvering through a job search and adulthood. At first, I was energized by my new-found position; I was going to find a new job, start more side hustles and make our home spotless! Those feelings lasted for about a week, but then my days blurred together, I sat for hours scrolling online and ultimately I wasn't doing anything productive with myself. Today, April 13th, all of that is again changing.

Improving my Health, Again

Now, before I start sharing my excitement with you, I want to address the potentially obvious: yes, I spent money I probably shouldn't have during a pandemic. Yes, I could have started working out for free and eating better without a program. However, I've tried those things before and never stuck with it. I don't have to justify my spending, but I did want to point out my awareness of the situation. Truth is, I needed help and for some reason, this program was presented to me. 

I got an Instagram DM on a Friday and by Sunday had signed up for a 6-week workout program, got thrown into a Facebook group with a bunch of ladies I didn't know and was ordering Beachbody merch to rep my program, 10 ROUNDS. It was sudden, unexpected and absolutely brilliant. I'm not entirely sure why my logic didn't prevent me from shelling out the cash, but my heart knew I needed something like this to present itself to me. Built-in accountability, a plan, guidelines and goals; these were all resources I'd never had before. My energy sky-rocketed, I had a purpose again and something to work toward. Of course I knew I needed to focus on my health, but without a little nudge, I wasn't sure how to get started again. 

Beachbody's 10 ROUNDS program lasts for 6 weeks and features 5 days of workouts, 2 days of rest. It combines boxing and lifting into one seamless routine. It's intense; I was nervous to commit but eager to start. I now have supplements, shaker bottles, resistance bands and nutritional guidance. Again, tools I'd never before utilized. It's only day one, but I already feel like I can conquer the world. 

I'm not sure I can pinpoint when my weight starting spiraling out of control. I'd put on pounds throughout college, but I especially felt terrible as I finished my senior year. Studying abroad for a semester and then returning home for one more before graduation likely took a toll. Not only was I facing the stresses of finishing college, but also experiencing changes in my personal relationships. I binge ate and played video games in the evenings and only had class twice a week; I didn't have much incentive to be social or get outside. I think that's probably when I was at my worst. Since that point, I've found myself in a healthier, happier relationship but have also continued to deal with not having started my career; both have also contributed to my lack of self-control. For the past year, maybe a little longer, I've often avoided mirrors. I'm not sure I was doing it on purpose, but I wasn't forcing myself to see how much my body had changed. My knees pop with every step, high-waisted jeans are worn with a bump and my baggy t-shirts are no longer baggy. I noticed those things, but until I took my "before" photos, I hadn't really seen the way my thighs dimpled and back pudged and arms flabbed. Not great, but this is my body. 

It's About More Than the Scale

It's clear I need to shed some pounds, but my end goal for the 6 weeks isn't a number. Actually, I'm not setting any weight loss expectations for myself during this program. Instead, I'm focusing more on my eating habits, physical endurance and confidence. My health journey isn't only about losing weight because I want to appreciate my body for the way it can change, grow and recover. My body will likely always look a certain way and fit into a shape category. That's fine! My mind, however, doesn't have to look at those features negatively. I know working out and being conscious of portion sizes will change my body, but how will it change my mind? My physical state can't be the only thing I give attention to, it's really my mindset that needs a workout. 

Not all fitness victories are seen on the scale. Sometimes it's the way your favorite pair of jeans fit just a little bit better, or genuinely not wanting an extra cookie because you know your body doesn't want it. It's learning the wants and needs of caring for yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. 

At the end of my first workout of this program, I was nearly in tears. No, not because the workout was so hard I couldn't keep going, but because I was filled with pride and a sense of happiness I hadn't had in such a long time. I felt relief, hope and joy. Motivation! Purpose! Moving the body is about so much more than losing weight and this time around I'm actually acknowledging that very important aspect. 

You Are Not Alone

It might not be your health or fitness, but I encourage you to find something to lean into during this weird time in the world, and always. Having a purpose is a strong thing, my friends. For too long I've lost sight of mine, but as I begin grounding myself and re-centering my life, I already feel my purpose returning. Right now my main one is to take care of myself, and quite frankly, that's something we should all be doing, all the time. We are here as humans for a reason, so why not embrace our time here and live our best lives. 

Please reach out to me if you need someone to chat with or you have any questions about my new journey! 


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