My Top 10 Fall Essentials

It is (finally) that time of year again! And today's 60 degree weather has inspired me to write my first fall post of the season. Here is a generous list of some of my favorite fall essentials!

1. Coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Whether you are a Starbucks or K-Cup kind of guy or gal, hot beverages are in full swing! Have you noticed all of the pumpkin spice rage? Yup, advertising agencies eat this time of year up! And I will fall for every darn commercial because all of these seasonal drinks are my favorite. I recently purchased a tin of coconut chai tea and I visit the Starbucks on campus a little too often..

2. Sweaters, long sleeves and puffy vests.  Can you say Pinterest? My "it'd fit in my closet" board has exploded this month with glamorous pictures of vests and sweaters and comfy-looking long sleeved shirts. Actually, most of my fall essentials have ended up making an appearance on my Pinterest account. However, I think my black puffer vest may be my new favorite item for this upcoming season.

3. Pumpkins and scarves. Okay, this may be a weird combination, but you know as well as I do that cute little decorative pumpkins and plaid go great together, so why not talk about blanket scarves and pumpkins in the same set? That's what I thought; don't judge my logic! Anyhow, having little decorative pumpkins sitting on your desk in the fall is basically a necessity. And scarves fall into the same category.

4. Dark lipstick and smoky eyes. Yup, the way you do your makeup changes just like your clothes. Time to trade in that bubblegum pink for a nice burgundy or mauve. And that just means your eyes get to complement your new lipstick. Pucker up!

5. Patience and a wave. This is crucial. Have you noticed all of those ridiculously large machines hogging up the roads? Or an insanely increased amount of semis driving down the highway? Well friends, it is harvest season here in the Midwest and across the country. Big green tractors and mighty reds are off to work. It is important for everyone that you share the road and give that handsome farmer a friendly wave as you pass by! We all love fall, but there's still work to do. Let's make sure everyone safely gets to where they need to be!

6. Boots, boots and more boots. I personally enjoy the cowboy variety, but I also like to have a nice stash of booties and tall boots hidden in my closet as well. Plus, this means you have an excuse to wear cozy socks (like you really needed an excuse..) Boots have become a staple piece in fall fashion and can really spice up your wardrobe this season!

7. Books! I have always been a big fan of reading for fun, but for some reason it is even better to pick up a good book when the weather starts getting a little chilly. Recently I have enjoyed reading travel stories. So far, Bill Bryson is my favorite author in this regard. I think I am just trying to tame my wanderlust.

8. Candles and blankets. I think both of these things are a given. I am a sucker for Bath and Body Works candles, especially when the autumn and winter scents come around. My Georgia Peach 3-wick candle is on its deathbed and I am actually quite ready to put it to rest. Because then I get to move onto a glorious fall candle; likely Bow Ties & Bourbon or a teakwood variety! Once you light your candle, you can grab a comfy blanket and relax for the evening. (Maybe with a good book!)

9. YouTube videos. This essential may be a little different, however I love to light my candle, grab my blanket, make some tea and settle down with my Macbook to watch a few fall videos from my favorite YouTubers. For me, it is relaxing or it brings inspiration. It is a great way for me to wind down for the night or kick start my day. Some of my favorite channels right now include Kayln Nicholson, AlishaMarieVlogs, FreshFitBeauty and Monica Church. (And my channel, of course!)

10. Calming music and me time. Spotify is probably my best friend when it comes to getting focused. I can create my own play list for every occasion, including Autumn. I listen to a lot of alternative and country music artists, but indie folk music is my favorite for this time of year. Artists like The Head and The Heart or City and Colour are good choices. I am in the process of creating my "Changing Leaves" fall play list. Woo hoo!

Whew, that was a lot of essentials to cover, but I'm sure there are so many more I left out. What are your favorite things during the fall season? Tell me in the comments below!


  1. All of these are so true especially the hot chocolate, scarves and calm music

  2. Awesome!! All these things make me so excited for fall, especially the cozy sweaters :)

  3. Such a great list! I just wish the fall weather would stick around.

    Molly | Hey There Sunshine

    1. Me too! It's the best season, if I do say so myself. :)


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