About Me

A place for a little bit of everything! The cattle & coffee blog is your one-stop-shop for serious conversations about agriculture and the not quite so serious struggles of a college girl who practically lives at Starbucks. If you like to travel, eat food, use planners or you thrive on caffeine, then you should definitely stick around.

I want you to have fun, ask questions and be inspired. You wouldn't be here if you weren't curious. Okay, maybe you're just a little bored or you happen to be related to me, but either way, you are here because you want to know something! I wouldn't be blogging if I didn't have my own questions, experiences or ideas. I am here because I want to share my story with you. I want to help you find an answer!

Okay, but who am I?

My name is Sheradan and I grew up in Indiana. Contrary to popular belief, I didn't grow up surrounded by cornfields or have the luxury of living the farm life. Instead, I found my passion for agriculture by joining 4-H and eventually realizing I wanted to show beef cattle. I traded my softball cleats for show boots and now it is my goal to travel the world, become an author and work as a communications director for an animal health company. I also have a terrible habit of making very specific plans. About three years ago, I was going to be a USDA food production veterinarian and work at a slaughterhouse. Hah!

I am currently a junior at Purdue University majoring in Agricultural Communication with a double minor in Animal Science and Creative Writing. When I am not stressing out about school (and even when I am), you can find me on the couch snacking on potato chips and binge-watching irrelevant YouTube videos. Very productive, I know. I have a lot of interests and a long to-do list. My Passion Planner keeps me sane, social media keeps me busy and I am constantly wanting to learn and experience more so I can grow as an individual and professional. 

Basically, I am an ambitious student who has a love/hate relationship with time management skills. Oh, don't worry; I'll make all my deadlines. Just let me talk about beef cattle and get me an iced mocha.


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