Episode Three: Stop Putting Everyone in Boxes and Accept Diversity Instead

Diversity plays a huge role in our lives, whether we notice it or not. In episode three of the sustainable cow podcast, I talk about how my diverse background played a role in how I felt toward myself in college, but also how we view the world and people around us.

In Episode Three: Stop Putting Everyone in Boxes and Accept Diversity Instead we discuss:

1. How I felt out of place because my background wasn't completely the same as my peers

2. Statistics of diversity within the agriculture industry

3. How we label ourselves and others based on our stereotypical expectations

4. We need to invite others to join the conversation because without diversity we will miss out on innovations, ideas and growth

Truthfully, I had to re-record this episode because I felt a little underqualified to have this discussion, but I also believe we have to put ourselves out there and have the hard, uncomfortable, awkward discussions to grow as individuals. So, I powered through, did my research and shared my opinions.

Quotes worth noting:

"I often discounted the fact that I did have ties to agriculture through 4-H and FFA... It took a long time for me to realize there was value in my diverse background within my field."

"Sometimes we are actually the ones holding ourselves back."

"I often feel like we immediately direct our attention to skin color when we hear the word diversity ... but there is also age, sexuality, social class, political views and just our general life perspectives..."

"I'd say American history has heavily influenced these statistics, but for being in 2020 I'd hoped these numbers would be higher." 

"Hopefully I have my first operation before the age of thirty."

"Without having diverse opinions and perspectives we really aren't sustaining ourselves as a world or even as a human being."

"It's frustrating that others feel they can put us in boxes but I'm afraid to say I think we put ourselves in labeled boxes, shut the lid, lock the lock and throw away the key."

"I hate online niches because it feels like we are limiting our creativity and maybe even our freedom of speech."

"It's not fair that we just automatically assume because someone is a farmer they are also Republican."

"Listen first. Listen to what they have to say, listen to their ideas first. And listen to your own ideas."

"You have the freedom to learn and grow in any way you want to."

"Don't put yourself in boxes because other people will do that for you."

"Why does it matter if they're like us or not because at the very end of the day, a very basic need for humans is food."

"Why can't we listen first and try to understand where they're coming from before we jump to conclusions ... If we learn to listen and understand others first, maybe eventually they'll want to understand us. 

"You absolutely have to invite other people to the table."

"The world would be really boring if we were all the same."

This topic is definitely one I will need to revisit later on in the podcast, hopefully with guests who have varying perspectives than I do. It is such a massive topic to cover, but I genuinely enjoyed being able to share some interesting statistics and also rant about why I want diverse populations to be represented better within the agriculture industry and our personal lives.

Things to ruminate on:

Do you limit yourself by placing yourself in boxes (or categories)?

Why do we need diverse voices in our personal lives and our industries?

How can we invite people with different backgrounds into our lives?

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