Episode Two: Defining Sustainability in Ag and Life

Understanding definitions can bring new perspectives to our lives, beliefs and arguments. I wanted episode two of the sustainable cow podcast to be a solid foundation for the variety of conversations we will have throughout the lifespan of the show, so I focused entirely on the definitions of sustainable and regenerative in both the textbook mindset and how it influences our lives and agriculture.

In Episode Two: Defining Sustainability in Agriculture and Life we discuss:  

1. The textbook definition of sustainable

2. How my personal definition of sustainability connects to regeneration

3. Life examples and applications of personal sustainability 

4. The importance of looking at sustainability in the present day 

I had a lot of fun with this episode because it allowed me to provide textbook definitions and also connect to my own experiences and beliefs. Too often when we think of sustainability we think of food, agriculture, architecture or fashion, but hardly do we consider how we are internally sustainable as human beings.

Quotes worth noting:

"We only have a certain amount available to us, no matter if a resource is renewable or not."

"If you don't look at the opposition, you lose your grounding for what you are going after."

"When you break it down to look at the meaning of a single word, you start having more intellectual thoughts about how you are approaching a certain situation."

"I also want to be sustainable in my finances, health and mental health. I think too often we forget to realize we can be sustainable personally, not just externally."

"It's so easy to get wrapped up in the past and future, but in reality, you have to understand what is currently available to you."

Although I don't dive too deeply into the abundance of sustainable practices currently followed in the agriculture industry, I did touch briefly on the amazing statistics available. However, I also point out the importance of knowing when to compare the current day to the past, and when it's more important to realize what is currently available in the present day.

Things to ruminate on: 

How do you define sustainability?

How do the words sustainable and justifiable go together? 

Are you able to separate internal vs. external sustainability?

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