Making Goals for the End of the Year

It's beyond easy to fall into the trap of believing setting goals is only meant for January. And as January approaches, our focus shifts toward holidays and new beginnings, rather than valuing the time we still have left in the year.

Maybe it's just me, but 2019 was not what I anticipated it would be. There were a lot of positives: graduating from Purdue, moving to Oregon, adopting a dog... but also a lot of frustrations: not starting my career, not getting a new car, not passing go to collect $200. In reality though, each year is a passing season and we have the control to choose our mindset and how we think about what has passed and what will come next all while enjoying what is here now.

I will be the first to admit I'm not great at cherishing the present; I'm much better at overanalyzing past decisions and worrying about the future. I've never found it easy to just live in the moment. Yet as what I consider to be a hard year nears its end, I find myself trying to preserve the greatness hiding underneath the ugly and scary. Instead of gliding through the next two months and only basking in the glory of holiday cheer, I am making an effort to utilize this time to reevaluate the goals I'd set at the start of 2019, determine if any of them can still be achieved or need adjusted and then set a new plan for conquering at least three goals by the end of the year. One personal, one professional and one financial.

Recently it's been hard to overlook the stressors of adulthood and simple to indulge in self-pity, but I don't want to spend the last bits of 2019 fearing what 2020 has in store. I would much rather get an early start in an attempt to control what lies ahead. No, I can't control every circumstance, however, I can exercise my mindset and take steps to improve my financial, mental and physical situations.

What tool will I use? If this isn't your first visit to my blog, then you won't be surprised that I'll turn to my Passion Planner to assist me with this process. I will sit down with my planner and create a passion roadmap to break down each goal into manageable steps. I will spend time with myself to determine what is most important to me as I end one year and begin another. I will write out all of my desirables and then narrow my list into top priorities having the greatest positive impact on my life. This process can sometimes feel overwhelming because it seems like you have far more wants than you can ever obtain, but it is so important to acknowledge your desires and then spend time alone to carefully consider what you truly seek from life and figure out how to get it.

If you typically wait until January to start a new project or set personal goals, I challenge you to instead join me in pursuing change and growth at the end of the year. Maybe I'll deem this challenge to myself as Knockout November. and Get it Done December. Are you in?


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