7 Winter Essentials You Didn't Know You Needed

Winter is coming. And I didn't even finish Game of Thrones. The cold, wet, gray weather is unavoidable (unless you can afford to run off somewhere tropical) and today I am sharing seven winter essentials you [probably] didn't think you needed.

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1. Rain boots 

I'm starting with this one because it's a very new concept for me. Typically, I'd tell you to invest in a good pair of snow boots, but now that I reside in the Pacific Northwest, I've been warned time and again to prepare for barrels of endless rain this winter. Not snow. Not sleet. But rain. We don't use umbrellas around here, so it's essential I found a cute and functional pair of rain boots. I'll probably need a good jacket too, and unfortunately not the nice fluffy puffer kind, either.

2. Yoga mat

Hear me out. Seasonal depression, am I right? One of the best ways to combat the shorter daylight hours is to stretch, meditate and practice your warrior pose. I've battled with my physical health for many years, but the easiest way I find myself inching back toward healthy habits is when I start rolling out my mat again. Get a kick-start on your New Years' resolutions and find yourself a comfortable yoga mat.

3. Reusable drinkware

This obviously isn't only for winter months, but with all of our favorite holiday drinks making their debut on the coffeehouse menus, owning reusable drinkware is a necessity. Not only is it environmentally helpful, but many coffee shops will give you a small discount for bringing your own cup; helpful for the wallet, too.

4. Sunglasses

Yes, the sun is out there somewhere! Eye protection is important year-round, even when it seems like you aren't getting any Vitamin D. My favorite sunglasses brand is *Blenders Eyewear, and if you really embrace the snowy season, they sell snow goggles too. I love their North Park line for all face sizes and shapes.

5. Moisturizer with SPF

Just as I said above about your eyes, your skin should be protected year-round. Dry skin is common in the winter months, but you should still pick out a facial moisturizer that includes SPF protection. I'm currently using LUSH's Imperialis, but in the past, I've reached for brands like Neutrogena or Garnier for SPF protection in skincare.

6. Secret Pinterest Christmas board

This one is actually my favorite essential on this list. For the past several years, I have dreadfully created my Christmas lists using Google docs. As much as I love the options in Google docs, I hated the amount of copying, pasting and formatting I had to do to create an easily understandable and straightforward list. This year, I've cut my list-making time in half by using secret Pinterest boards for my holiday lists. It's been so easy to share my board with family members while I continue to add gift ideas. Plus, I can also utilize those hidden boards to keep track of my own gifting ideas! I go through waves with my Pinterest usage, but it's quickly becoming one of my most frequented platforms. I suppose that's typical for the holiday season.

7. A strong hair mask

My hair hates winter. It gets dry, static-y and flat. Just like our skin, our hair deserves to be treated well during these colder months. I know LUSH sells good hair masks and oils, but there are many great products on the market to keep your hair hydrated and happy this winter.

There you have it! My seven winter essentials you didn't know you needed. Even if the weather hasn't completely turned harsh yet in your area, it's never too early to prepare for the season! What are your uncommonly considered winter essentials?


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