We Bought a Travel Trailer to Live in Full Time

It's no secret that adulting is hard, rent ain't cheap and repaying loans isn't fun. When I moved from Indiana to Oregon to start a life with an almost stranger, I wasn't sure how we'd navigate life as "new adults." He still lived with his mom and I couldn't find a job in my field, but we were determined to make it work. Fast forward three months later - we bought a travel trailer!

 Financially the decision to purchase our 2015 Heartland Trailrunner was an easy one, even if there was an initial shock of committing to such a large investment. Apartments are not cheap! And the idea of using hard-earned money to rent a small cube, only to watch the money disappear, was just not cutting it for us. We wanted a longer-term option that would have our name on it. Buying a home wasn't in the cards and we weren't thrilled with the idea of renting a house, so Tyler mentioned an idea he'd had once before; why not live full-time in a travel trailer?

Not only does owning a travel trailer make sense for our long-term plan of buying land and starting a beef operation, it means our home is mobile, agile, movable! Which was a big deal for me, seeing as I get a little panicky committing to one place for a long time. Even if we are staying in the same town, we have the option to move to a new park, new site, new scenery when we want to. Oregon is perfect for that because pretty much everyone already owns a camper of some sort because pretty much everyone loves the outdoors (or at least the idea of the outdoors). RV parks are plenty in our location, so we have options within a reasonable distance to both of our regular jobs.

Although it all seems perfect now, I did have a few hesitations at the beginning. What about space? And we really have to flush our own waste? What will the neighbors think?! What if we can't get into a park right away?!?! There was a lot of overanalyzing the situation because it was never something I had pictured for myself, but why not? The adventurous side of me thought it sounded like a lot of fun. We can take our house and go camping in a state park whenever we want? Awesome!

I imagine there will be learning curves, trial & error situations and unforeseen roadblocks we encounter on this journey, but so far I am loving our new home and I can't wait to continue sharing this adventure with you. There's going to be so much new content!


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