Driving from Indiana to Oregon

Nearly a year ago, I made my first trek to Oregon to meet a friend and explore one aspect of Oregon agriculture. Now, I've found myself back across the country - indefinitely - because a friendship turned into something more.

After graduating from Purdue University, I was impatient for my next steps and the job hunt proved to be more difficult than expected. The job search is still tedious, but now I am also adventuring around a new place with a particularly wonderful individual.

On July 1, Tyler and I embarked on an epic road trip from Indiana to the western end of Oregon. Our adventure only lasted two days and endured thirty-three hours of driving. We saw rivers and mountains, interstates and construction cones, and my car Bessie gained an astounding 2,350 miles. My little Sunfire is loving the Pacific Northwest air, by the way. An abundance of Slim Jims was consumed and our HydroFlasks were refilled countless times, but by the time we reached the sea, I think we were both happy with our crazy decision.

We only gave ourselves time for one tourist stop off; the John Deere museum in Waterloo, Iowa. It wasn't my idea and I would have much rather driven right through to reach our hotel in Wyoming, but it was probably the best birthday present I could give Tyler, so I couldn't argue with him on his big two-three. Besides, the museum was actually kind of cool for being green-machine focused.

I didn't decide to leave Indiana because I hate it there (actually, I love my home state and I'll always stake my claim as an Indiana girl who bleeds black and gold) but because I have the constant itch to try something new. Oregon features agricultural commodities I know little about, beautiful landscapes and access to new adventures.

Honestly, I'm not really sure what I'm doing next, but I'm here!


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