LUSH Skin Care Routine

Winter months are hard on the skin. Cold winds lead to dry faces, but I've started settling into a regular skin care regime that seems to work well for me. I've tried various brands in the past but I've slowly been switching to LUSH products, mostly because I love the scents, textures and how my skin feels after using their products.

Face Routine

Cleansing: If you usually wear makeup, you may find yourself wanting to add an extra step, but for me, using Ultrabland right away works. I was confused about this cleanser at first (because I didn't follow the directions.) This cleanser wipes away the day's dirt or the night's sleep, and its gentle nature makes it great for winter.

Bonus step: After cleansing, sometimes I reach for a Rose & Collagen serum I found at TJ Maxx

Toning: Might not be for everyone, but a spritz of Eau Roma Water right is refreshing right after washing my fash. It brings a little moisture back to my face and preps my skin for the actual moisturizing.

Moisturizing: The most important step, in winter and all year long! I got Imperialis for Christmas, and I already love the way it makes my skin feel before bed and before a long day. It's light enough to use in the mornings and the scent is energizing and relaxing. The only pitfall to this moisturizer is lack of SPF protection.

Lip care: This step is often overlooked, yet it's an essential part of a healthy face. I use a lip scrub when I notice a lot of dry skin and then use either a Burt's Bees chapstick or Whipstick from LUSH throughout the day. My favorite overnight lip treatment is a Nivea lip cream.

Face mask: Coffee isn't only for drinking. Cup o' Coffee was my day one LUSH purchase and it still holds true for good skin care; it can be used as a face mask or body scrub. I also enjoy Mask of Magnaminty and the occasional random Target dollar section grab, but I only indulge in this step once a week.

Body Care

Lotion: I've not always been a heavy user of lotion, but without it, my skin becomes so dry and scratchy in the winter. I like Aveeno's unscented lotion for mornings and love using Sleepy before bed.

Once a week: Body scrubs and conditioners! Ocean Salt is a classic, but I've also used a nice fall-scented scrub from Bath & BodyWorks. I haven't used it yet, but Ro's Argan has been a long-time wish list item and now I have a pot in my possession I can't wait to use.

Our skin is our biggest protection and largest organ; be kind to it! What are your favorite skin care products and steps?


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