No, Your Planner Doesn't Have To Be Full

It's easy to tell yourself having empty spaces in your planner means you lead a boring or unproductive life, but what if I told you it isn't true? That maybe an unfilled planner means the opposite; your life is full when your planner is empty.

It's true, I swear by my Passion Planner, but this week as I completed my weekly spread, I found myself with a lot of blank space (baby..) and I started feeling anxious - like I had to fill my pages to the brim to make my time worthwhile. Of course, I had plenty of things to do even without every time slot filled in. Why did I feel this way?

I think it comes from outside pressure and internal comparison. How many times a day do you catch yourself aimlessly scrolling through Instagram, starting to let your brain ridicule yourself for poor time management or bad penmanship? I love the planner community, but dang, just like every other aspect of social media, you start thinking you have to live in a certain aesthetic.

Since when did our life need to follow an Instagram theme or hashtag? Or be constantly filled with to-do lists? I love social media and the side hustle, and I aspire to work as a specialist in the digital media, but I wish it were real. I wish we didn't have to force our hand at perfect lighting or photo layouts, yet that is what we crave to consume.

I grew up with the perception that perfection isn't real, but when I don't achieve "perfection" myself, I get angry and discouraged with my ability. I start internally telling myself I can do better and if I don't, I'll never make it. I start saying that spending more time with my planner will bring me more happiness and success. It's not true. Spending more time with myself and things and people I enjoy is what should bring me success and happiness.

Since when did a full planner and a perfect feed mean your life is complete? I call B.S. No, your planner doesn't have to be full, but your life still can be.


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