My Senior Year Bucket List: Purdue University

Six months ago I became a college senior at Purdue University. However, I wasn't actually at Purdue; instead of going to Homecoming, I was attending a "real football" game in Aberystwyth, Wales. Even though I have half as many months to check them off, I wanted to compile a list of things I need to do at Purdue this spring before receiving my diploma.

1. Sled down Slayter Hill (even though it terrifies me.)
2. Hold the tarantula at Spring Fest (terrifies me even more - like A LOT more.)
3. Go to Breakfast Club.
4. Spend an entire day going inside every academic building on campus. And vlog it.
5. Kiss under the Bell Tower.
6. Hang up my hammock in Engineering Mall.
7. Ride on the Boilermaker Special.
8. Get a pink Cactus cup.
9. Graduate.

Truthfully, it's likely I'll chicken out of number 2, but (snow permitting) I think the rest is totally viable. Purdue has been a huge part of my young adult life, and I can't wait to celebrate my last semester at the best university on Earth.


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