How to (Kinda) Prepare for the Last Semester of Undergrad

Now that all of the holiday meals have settled and there are no more fireworks to be displayed, college students around the world will be heading into the spring semester. For some, like me, it will be the final semester of their undergraduate career and they'll be thinking "where the heck did the time go?" or "I can't wait to get the heck out of here." I'm not really a professional in this specific topic, considering I've not exactly prepared for many "final semesters" but I have prepared for other semesters, so I guess I have a general idea of what to do.

1. Fix your schedule, again.
2. Clean your living space.
3. Update your planner.
4. Call your mom.
5. Eat a cookie.
6. Play music.
7. Scroll.
8. Cry.

All right, fine. Not all of that is 100% serious, but going into the final semester can be a little strange. You've probably rearranged your schedule multiple times, then panicked about missing something you need to graduate. You've let the laundry pile up because you're trying to enjoy winter break, and you realize the night before classes start you don't even know what buildings you need to go to, so your planner needs an update. Then stress hits, so snacking, a phone call to mom and social media happen. That's when you see a photo of a friend you haven't seen in what feels like months and you start thinking about all the "lasts" you'll encounter in the coming months.

They say preparation is key to success. Hopefully, you're not like me and waiting until the Friday before classes to get it all together, but if you are, it'll be fine. We've been through it all before, right? We know our way around campus, classes and Thirsty Thursday. Oh, and we definitely know how to snap the perfect group selfies.

I know for some, the final chapter of undergrad means "starting your real life" but truthfully, do any of us know how to not be classified as a full-time student? I guess we'll all figure it out soon.


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