Exploring Coffee: Roasts

The coffee bean. It's a complicated thing from growth to consumption, but It's one of my absolute favorite things to drink and eat when covered in dark chocolate; my brand even utilizes "coffee" in the name! All of these points made me think I should start learning more about the process and incorporate the incredible coffee bean more on my blog.

I recently bought a French press for $2.50. It works great and makes coffee I can drink black, which is an accomplishment for me. The process intrigued me and I wanted to learn more about the roasts because eventually, I'll have to buy a new bag of grounds. I tend to choose dark or blonde roasts, but aren't those completely opposite?

I turned to Google and stumbled upon the National Coffee Association's Coffee Roasts Guide. It talks about how origin influencs the roasting decisions and the amount of oil that will be present on the bean based on how long it was roasted. I also recall from past conversations that caffeine level is also based on the roast.

When I go for a dark roast, it's because I'm expecting a full flavor and a kick of that bitter coffee taste, too. But when I pick a dark roast, I also plan to doctor it up with sugar, milk and syrups. When I choose a blonde roast, I'm prepared to drink a smooth coffee, black. And now I know that roasting the bean is changing its chemical make-up to produce more or less bitterness and acidity, so when I decide on new coffee grounds, I'll know if it's something I can drink black!

I'm by no means a coffee connoisseur, yet I know what I like and what I don't. I've seen a friend roast beans in his kitchen and now I've separated grounds for a fresh cup of joe. What coffee topic should I explore next?


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