Breaking Down My 2019 Passion Roadmap

I love my Passion Planner. I started using one my freshman year of college, and now I'm entering my final semester with my Ocean Blue Monday start planner at my side, or at least always in my bag.

The Passion Planner is unique because it offers built-in spaces for doodles, quotes, to do lists and focal points alongside your everyday plans. 2019 is a big year of changes, so I spent New Year's Eve working on my Passion Roadmap and now I'm going to share the breakdown of it with you all - all vulnerabilities out in the open.

As you can see, I've color-coded each category I'd like to focus on within my life: personal, career/academia and finances. Also, I haven't completed my gamechanger page yet because I wanted to start my semester first!

Three Months

March. On first glance, it feels far away, doesn't it? But time speeds by, often while you don't notice and then panic about not finishing (or starting) your short-term goals. For me, March is the halfway point for my semester, so there were some obvious goals I needed to work on: personal health and confidence, the job search, start writing my first book and save $2500. These are pretty hefty goals, but I think it can be achieved. By each goal, I've listed bullet points of tasks that can help me work toward those end targets. 

One Year

December. I don't even know what state, or country, I'll call home at that point. Nonetheless, I had four focal points to move toward by the end of the year. I'd like to lose ~60 pounds, start paying off my student loans, upgrade my vehicle and have my book ready for review. As I get nearer to those projects, I'll break them into further, manageable steps. 

Between these sections, you'll notice I added bucket-list items for these timeframes as well. Adding this into my roadmap allowed me to write down additional thoughts I'd had without making them into main points. 

Three Years

2021. Seems like a stretch. I envision myself planning a trip to India, working toward my master's degree, earning money from online content, earning my first job promotion and being engaged. These were a little more difficult to pinpoint into bullet points. 


How do you see your life? I picture cattle, travel, a pet dog, published books, no debt and a happy marriage. I also want a pet goose, a nice house in the country, a hobby in cider making and a Welsh retirement. Just little things, right?

I love that the Passion Planner helps you work toward your future in a low-stress, creative way. It's easy to look at some of these items and think "oh, yeah right." but why limit yourself? No dream is too big or small.


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