5 Must-Do Winter-Friendly Activities in Seattle

It isn't always possible to visit popular destinations in their peak season, but if you're brave enough to face the wind, rain and possible snow, it's actually amazing to visit places in the winter months. I recently had a quick trip to Seattle and a friend of mine helped me explore some of the top things to do on a brisk December day.

1. The Space Needle. 
Even if you aren't prepared to pay $37 to go to the top, visiting the Space Needle is a must-do. It's a Seattle icon, and although you can see it from many vantages throughout the city, you have to see it up close. Inside you can browse the gift shop, and outside there are other souvenir stores and vendors. If you wander a few blocks away, you can also venture around Lake Union Park, which I found to be a perfect ending to a day in the city. 

2. Pike Place Market. 

My favorite destination to begin the day, Pike Place Market offers something for everyone: food, spices, fresh seafood, books, crafts and unique items to bring home with you as reminders of your time in the PNW. Just outside of the market, you can also take a peek at the first Starbucks cafĂ© and choose whether or not you'd like to wait in line to get a sip there, too. 

3. Klondike Gold Rush Museum. 

Hidden away in Pioneer Square you can find a museum all about Seattle's history with the Klondike gold rush. It features two levels of exhibits and artifacts, and it's a nice change of pace and reminder of the past. Another hidden gem in Pioneer Square that's perfect to escape the wind with a cup of coffee is the Waterfall Garden Park. 

4. The Waterfront.

It's where you can hop on an observation wheel, find an amusement-park atmosphere, eat shellfish, catch the ferry, grab a Grey's Anatomy T-shirt and sneak a glance at the Cascade mountain range, and if you're lucky, Mt. Rainer. 

5. Seattle Air & Space Museum. 

You have to go a little way outside of the main city for this one, but it's worth the transportation and admittance fee. With multiple exhibits to cover and a hefty collection of aircraft, this destination offered insight to the birthplace of Boeing and showcased how air travel so heavily influences world history.

I really enjoyed my brief time in Seattle - it's a city with a calm vibe, a lot of Amazon employees and great landscapes. The public transportation was easy and efficient, and you can find a Starbucks on every corner. I have a few more states to visit in the PNW, but I'd be happy to visit Washington again.


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