5 Beginner's Gym Bag Essentials

For the past several years, I've been in an on and off relationship with the gym. In a way, that means I have been a beginner a few times, and from my experience, there are a few things I always have to keep in my bag when I'm getting back into routine.

1. A sturdy, slim water bottle.

I say slim and sturdy because not all cup holders are made for 32 oz bottles, and there is always the possibility it will fall off a machine or accidentally be knocked over.

2. Good headphones.

Gymtimidation is real, but headphones help. For me at least, music can be a huge motivator and it also tunes out the noise others might be making. There's honestly nothing better than using the elliptical to the beat of your favorite song.

3. Deodorant or body spray.

This one should be obvious. Sure, you might take pride in your musk, but everyone else doesn't.

4. Extra pair of socks.

I frequently forget to keep a fresh pair of socks in my bag, but I always wish I had one. If you aren't showering/changing right after your workout, but you are changing shoes - you're going to want a fresh pair. P.S. Fun leggings make everything better.

5. An activity tracker.

No, it doesn't have to be an Apple Watch or a FitBit - even recording your times, distances, reps and movements in your Notes app or on paper is good. It's helpful to track your progress to learn how your own body adapts and changes with certain workouts and goals.

Writing this makes me excited to get back in the gym! What are your gym bag essentials?


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