My Minimal Waste Challenge: No Rubbish November

Over the past several months, I've dabbled with the idea of waste reduction: food, packaging, get the idea. A lot of this might be due to my involvement as a Wild Keeper for Keep Nature Wild, but I've known for a while now how important reducing waste is for our environment.

November is a popular month for challenges (i.e. No Shave November) so I've decided to start my own personal challenge called "No Rubbish November." I debated back and forth between "no waste" or "no trash" but after a thorough hashtag search, I discovered I could be the first person to utilize "no rubbish" so I plan to go all out with the hashtag and everything! Besides, it also seems fitting to use the word rubbish while I'm still in the UK.

Here are the challenges I'm setting for myself this month:
1. Only reusable drinkware (or, if I'm really hankering for a Coke or something, it must be recyclable materials)
2. No straws, reusable ones only
3. Take my own reusable bags when I go shopping
4. Only purchase items with minimal packaging or packaging that uses recyclable materials
5. Aim to have zero food waste (i.e. groceries, meals out, etc.)
6. Pick up at least one piece of trash each day

My first #ImpactDay for @keepnaturewild.
I'm obviously not making a drastic switch to no waste living right away. I will still have food items, hygiene products and other day-to-day items in my possession that aren't necessarily recyclable, but as I move forward I'm trying to be more conscious about the amount of trash I accumulate as a human being. It's also likely being conscious of reducing waste makes you conscious of the foods and products you're consuming! I'm hoping the outcome of my minimal waste challenge leads to more fresh foods, better sustainable living for myself, trash-free streets and of course a greater appreciation for the relationship between consumer, producer and the environment.

Are you interested in joining me this month to minimize your rubbish? Tag me (@cattleandcoffee) in your posts and use #NoRubbishNovember. I've also created a Facebook group for this challenge, so I'd love to see you there!


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