5 Things to Expect in the First Week of Your Summer Internship

I'm not sure how, but it is already the time of the year when college students send their books back to Amazon and head off to their summer internships. For me, I am a little over a week in and have decided to note the five things that were bound to happen during my first week.

1. Food. 

It's no surprise that much of the first week involves paperwork, orientation and safety measures, and while those things can be dull, they are obviously very important. But when orientation week happens, so does a ton of food. Lunch, dinner and snacks are all easily accessible (and usually paid for.) Make sure you say thank you -- multiple times!

2. Being Shown Off. 

Sure, new full-time hires get shown off too, but there always seems to be something special about showing off the interns. Yes, you'll get paraded through the office and yes you'll stand there awkwardly while smiling, but soon enough all the new faces you're meeting will become great resources for you.

3. The Nickname. 

I hesitate to share this one, but sometimes embarrassment is inevitable. And sometimes, that inevitable embarrassing moment turns into a great opportunity for a nickname. This summer I will be known as "Agent Overflow" at my primary store location. I will leave you to your own devices for now because I'm thinking this one deserves to be my first-ever story time video.

4. From Nothing to Everything. 

For the first few days, you'll probably feel like you don't have a lot to do. So, you'll hang out a bit and get to know the people you're working with. But as the week goes on and you enter the second week of your internship, the feeling of having nothing to do suddenly turns into a feeling of having everything to do. Don't freak out though, because you can pull it off, and it's actually pretty fun.

5. The Excitement.

The first week of your internship shouldn't be the most exciting one, but it will be one to remember. You'll look back at the end of the summer and think, "Whoa, I did all that?" Everything is new and the opportunities are basically slapping you in the face. For example, I finished off my first week by climbing on top of a combine. It's ok to be jealous.

Starting a new internship might be a little nerve-wracking at times, but it is really freakin' exciting, too. Have a fun internship experience you'd like to share? Comment below or head over to the Cattle and Coffee Facebook page to share!

Also, if you were curious, this summer I will be working as a Marketing Communications intern with a Midwest-area Case IH Dealer called Redline Equipment. I am going to have a blast learning about farm equipment and content creation. And yes, this is the only time you will ever see me supporting the color red.


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