What I'm Focusing on in 2018

In my last post, I took time to sit down and reflect on the amazing things that happened in 2017. However, it is the second week of January, so it's time to move forward rather than only looking back!

I have always had a love-hate relationship with resolutions, so for 2018 I have decided to call them "focuses" instead. If I wrote down every single thing I wanted to resolve in order to change my life, there would be pages upon pages of things. Rather than writing massive lists of things I dislike about myself and the way I spend my time, I chose to break my goals into overall focus categories -- health and happiness, academics, social media and finance. In this post, I will talk about what each category entails and how I plan to track my progress. P.S. if you'd rather see this in video form, I've got you covered!

Health and Happiness

I think it's fair to say that most humans strive to find confidence in their physical being and find a feeling of calm and content when they think about their lives. I also think it's fair to say the majority of humans struggle with this sense of self. So while this focus surrounds many aspects ranging from mental health to a healthy relationship with food, it's something that I personally must work on this year. I have too many long-term goals and dreams to not take control of myself on a mental, physical and social level.

In order to conquer the wide variety of goals this category entails, I've started a bullet journal used strictly for tracking my health. (You'll see that planning is a super common theme for my method of tracking things!) Every evening, I'm striving to take time to reflect on my day -- did I pack lunch, take my vitamins, drink enough water, etc. Self-awareness is my primary goal for January and as the year progresses I will address new focal points in my journey of well-being.


Only three more semesters to go! While it scares me a little to think my undergrad studies are so close to being over, a year and a half also seems like forever. Many times we find ourselves wishing for the next step in life, and although I am extremely guilty of this, I want to focus on my academic goals while I am still a student. There are absolutely days (a lot of them!) that I question why I'm still doing this, but college really has been a rewarding experience for me and I'd like to work hard to finish my last few semesters on a good note.

In order to do that, I need to discipline myself to put my studies first. I know it can be difficult to do when there are so many other factors in our lives, but acknowledging which factors should have higher priority can help. I utilize my Passion Planner (Compact, Academic, Horizon Blue!) to keep track of due dates, upcoming assignments and how much time should be allotted for each class. I have a decent grip on how to plan my days, but actually sticking to my timetable is something I really need to improve on.

Social Media

If you've seen any of my previous content, I imagine you're aware of my passion to become a social media influencer. My passion carries a lot of weight on this, but there are also many times I doubt my ability to ever be successful and have an online influence. I realize there are a lot of reasons I doubt myself, but part of my problem is not staying consistent with my posting schedule. Consistency is key to anything you aim to do, so in 2018 I am making a conscious effort to be more responsible for the frequency and quality of my content.

To achieve this, I am again using a Passion Planner (2018 Classic, Blush Pink, Eco!) to not only create a content calendar but to monitor analytics on each post. The engagement I receive on my content is something I have not considered before but is definitely something I should be aware of. Although I'm aiming to take my social media content more seriously, I also want to ensure it continues to be a passion and never feels like a daunting task I'm forced to do.


The last category is another facet of my life that I absolutely must take control of. I spent way too much money last year! It's embarrassing how poorly I managed and monitored my spending so budgeting is a huge focus I have for 2018. The thing about spending less is that it will influence the other focuses I have for the year. For example, meal prepping in order to improve my health will also decrease my amount of spending. It all fits together.

2018 is going to be an interesting and exciting year! Have you set any primary focuses for the next twelve months? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Social media can be such an overwhelming goal, especially with IG messing with their algorithm. I always try to not get upset when my images the banned, or they don't get as many likes, or whatever, but it is so hard. I think something you can add to your goal is making sure you don't let it take over your life haha.

    1. That is such a great point. While I love social media, it can become such an overwhelming aspect of our lives when we are aiming to become some form of an online influencer. Finding a good balance is always a good goal to have!


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