Ag Media Summit 2017: Climbing Mountains and Elevating Connections

In July, I hopped on a plane and headed to Snowbird, Utah. Crazily enough, it was my second trip to Utah this summer, but instead of trekking through Zion National Park, I was headed to the beehive state for a conference. I thought I'd share a quick summary of my experiences with you because so far this has been the most beneficial conference I've attended during my college career.

My First Ag Media Summit

I wasn't sure what to expect at my first Ag Media Summit, but I was excited; this conference is specifically made for agricultural communicators. So, when I had the chance to talk to industry professionals, a.k.a recruiters, they could actually answer my questions about the communication departments at their respective companies! That alone was an awesome, awesome thing. And even though I was sent to this conference on behalf of Purdue, my boss was also there, so I was introduced to her connections as well. I don't think I've ever networked so much in my life, but it was absolutely invigorating to meet so many talented individuals who understood my infatuation with social media, writing and visual storytelling. Although it has been well over a month since I attended, I still get excited just writing about it for you all to enjoy. Come to think of it, I should probably start saving for next year's conference!

Another perk of attending this summit was the beautiful location. The event was held in Snowbird, Utah, on a gorgeous ski resort. So, in my spare time, I could grab a coffee and stare at the mountains surrounding me. In fact, I and my fellow ACT members got up early one morning to hike up one of those mountains. I nearly died, but like always, it was worth the climb.

Experiencing Salt Lake City

Before all of the conference sessions began, a group of Ag Media Summit attendees settled into a tour bus and traveled around Utah. We experienced a dairy facility affiliated with Utah State, took a look at a herd of American bison and courageously walked toward the Great Salt Lake.

Utah is a very curious place. The weather seems unpredictable and the culture is much different than any other state I've experienced. The people are friendly and the scenery is simply stunning; I wouldn't mind visiting again. Actually, I'd really like to. More importantly, the amazing atmosphere inspired me to get creative and I made a video while I was there!

Lasting Memories

Like many other conferences, I went home with a massive smile on my face and pages full of messy notes. More importantly, I went home with new relationships and a handful of awesome memories. The people I met during my time in Snowbird will likely become my colleagues, mentors and friends. I am one hundred percent ok with that.


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