A Letter to my Wanderlust..

Dear Wanderlust,

The changing season, along with the changing leaves, has brought you much nearer to me. I long for foreign nations and winding roads; hovering mountains and bustling cities. You keep calling to me, but I can't answer. Naturally, my current place in life is putting a block in my road; I can not get to you! However, I will find ways to keep you at bay; ways to tame the growing beast within my brain.

I will read novels. Tons of them. I will get lost in them. Readers, such as myself, know how to get lost within a story. It will feel as if I am right there, laughing right along with Bill Bryson's witty comments and sneaky humor as I absorb every word across the page. I will convince you that I am right there, traveling alongside him. But don't worry! Someday, we really will dance across rocks on the coast of Maine and peer over the brink of the Grand Canyon.

I will reminisce as my best friend sees Europe for the first time with big, awe-inspired eyes. I will remember what it's like to get lost in Italy and fall in love with London. It has been two years since we trekked across three countries and five beautiful cities: Britain, France, Italy...London, Paris, Florence, Assisi and Rome. I will chat vividly with her when she arrives home and I will remember every detail until the day we return.

Finally, I will consume the world around me. I can find splendor in my humble home even if Australia calls my name. I will hike on forgotten trails. I will enjoy the serenity of my beautiful campus as the leaves descend like snow. I will especially appreciate harvest-time and everything it offers here in my Midwest town. We can be in love with our own corner of the world, too, dear wanderlust. And when we get the chance, we will fall in love with other corners of the world we finally discover.

So, wanderlust, while I long for you, I also know how to push you away. I've learned to tame the beast living in my brain. And I promise, one day, we will feast on our wanders (and wonders) more than either of us has ever imagined.

That Girl Dying to Fall in Love With a New Place

Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed this little twist on today's post. I decided to get a little more creative. (I guess there's a reason I'm going for a creative writing minor?) I genuinely hope you liked it and would love feedback! Where do you plan to travel in your lifetime? Tell me in the comments below!


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